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2022-8-4 · Cerussite is the most common oxidized lead mineral and is found in the oxidation zones of lead deposits. It results from the alteration of the galena, often with an intermediate passage through the anglesite, unstable in the presence of CO 3 2-ions. Its development is all the more important as the country is carbonated and the climate arid.

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The surface characteristics and flotation behavior of …

1987-6-1 · The flotation behavior of anglesite and cerussite has been studied as a function of additions of amyl xanthate, primary amine, sodium carbonate and sodium sulfide as well as pH. Both cerussite and anglesite exhibit points-of-zero-charge at pH 4. Furthermore, since anglesite is metastable, its surface is easily amenable to phase transformation ...

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CERUSSITE Cerussite, a lead carbonate mineral, was reported by Palache (1935) who illustrated the fine crystals found at Sterling Hill. Cerussite has not been reported from Franklin. Few observations have been made; no chemical or physical data exist. Bostwick (1982) reported a moderate yellow fluorescence in longwave ultraviolet.

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